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Monday, 6 July 2020

In fresh salvo at Rahul Gandhi, JP Nadda accuses him of 'demoralising nation and questioning valour of defence forces'

New Delhi: Launching a fresh attack on Rahul Gandhi, BJP president JP Nadda said on Monday that the Congress leader "has not attended" a single meeting of Parliament's standing committee on defence but continues to "demoralise" the nation and question the valour of the armed forces.

"Rahul Gandhi does not attend a single meeting of Standing Committee on Defence. But sadly, he continues to demoralise the nation, question the valour of our armed forces and do everything that a responsible Opposition leader should not do," the BJP president said on Twitter.

He added, "Rahul Gandhi belongs to that glorious dynastic tradition where as far as defence is concerned, committees don't matter, only commissions do. Congress has many deserving members who understand parliamentary matters, but one dynasty will never let such leaders grow. Really sad."

Nadda's tweets came after reports that Rahul has not attended any of the committee meetings.

This is not the first time Nadda has gone after Rahul, or indeed the Gandhi family, but the BJP and Congress have been locked in a bitter war of words over a host of issues for teh past few weeks, including India's stand-off with China at Ladakh.

On 29 June, Nadda, saying his party would leave no stone unturned in "exposing double-faced politicians", asked the Opposition party 10 questions, including about alleged links between the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) and China. Nadda also claimed that Mehul Choksi, over whom the Opposition repeatedly attacks the government, had donated money to the RGF.

The "crown prince" of the Congress used the most "obnoxious" language for Modi after Choksi fled but he was helped by the Congress to get bank loans, Nadda claimed. The Congress is yet to react to this latest salvo from Nadda.

"I want to tell Sonia Gandhi that under the garb of China and COVID-19 crisis, one should not shy away from answering the questions the nation wants to know... It's a shame. It's a sacrifice of national interest by accepting money from foreign powers in personal trusts," Nadda told reporters while attacking the Congress president.

On 24 June, Nadda launched a stinging attack on the Gandhi family, saying a dynasty and its courtiers have "grand delusions" of the Opposition being about itself and stated that a "rejected and ejected" family is not equal to the entire Opposition.

In his tweets, Nadda said it was the time for unity and solidarity, and the "relaunch of the scion for the nth time can wait", an apparent dig at Rahul. Nadda said India lost thousands of square kilometres of land due to the "misadventures of one dynasty" and claimed that the Siachen glacier, where the Indian Army has a strong presence, was almost gone. No wonder India has rejected them, he said.

On 20 June, after Rahul Gandhi raised questions on whether "unarmed soldiers" had to fight the Chinese Army and alleged that the prime minister had surrendered Indian territory to the Chinese aggression, Nadda, addressing a virtual rally for Rajasthan, said that "some Opposition leaders are demonstrating their limited knowledge" and "asking why did soldiers go unarmed".

"These leaders are lowering the morale of defence forces through their tweets when jawans are defending the country in Galwan on India-China border. "Don't you know the international rules and agreements?"

"The language used by an individual reflects the family's culture. Indian families do not have the culture of using such language as done by you," Nadda said. "Forget about honouring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you did not honour your PM. You tore his ordinance. People of the country and the world know this," the BJP chief said.

Nadda was referring to an incident when Rahul had denounced an ordinance by the Manmohan Singh government in 2013 to nullify a Supreme Court order on disqualifying convicted lawmakers. During a press conference, Rahul had termed the ordinance complete nonsense that should be “torn apart and thrown out.”

In January, Nadda accused Rahul of misleading the country on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and dared the Congress leader to speak ten sentences on the law. Speaking at a programme organised by a Buddhist body in support of the CAA, Nadda said it is "unfortunate" for the country that some people "exhibit their wisdom" without understanding the issue so as to mislead the masses.

"The Congress is opposing the CAA. I dare Rahul Gandhi to speak 10 sentences on the law. He should tell us in two sentences what is his problem with the CAA... He is leading such a big party and has to decide himself how he has to do it, but he should not mislead the country," Nadda had said.

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July 06, 2020 at 11:34AM

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